Whataburger Holiday Hours

Whataburger is the most popular fast food restaurant chain in America. Whataburger specializes in Hamburgers and their core product includes Whataburger, Whataburger Jr, Justaburger, Whatacatch, and Whatacatch’n. Some of the food items at the restaurant are all-time favorites of many people.

If you don’t want to miss the mouth-watering delicious Hamburgers. Whataburger’s names come to mind that anyone can fall in love with their delicious food.  

You constantly prefer to visit the restaurant but have trouble finding out Whataburger’s operating hours and need to know Whataburger’s holiday hours and even whether Whataburger’s is open or closed on Saturdays and Sundays. At that point, what would you do if you were to go to that restaurant and find it closed?

Most restaurants reduce their operating hours during holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.

Here is a brief description of Whataburger’s holiday hours and Whataburger’s hours. But before moving toward Whataburger’s holiday hours or open and closing operating hours  Let’s take a look at the history of Whataburger.  

About Whataburger’s

In 1950 Harmon Dobson and Parul Burton established Whataburger’s restaurant. They opened their first branch in Corpus Christi in Texas. Its headquarters is situated in  San Antonio in Texas.

They specialize in Hamburgers and the owner Harmon Dobson named it WHATABURGER as he wanted to create burgers that would be so tasty and delicious that a customer took a bite and would say, WHAT A BURGER.

Whataburger has 824 restaurants of which more than 670 stores are located in Texas and 150 in New Mexico, Arizona, and the southern United States, including 126 franchised stores.

The chain was owned by the Dobsons from 1950 until 2019 when a private equity firm purchased the chain, and the Dobsons still own a small stake. The company generated over $2 billion revenue in (2019) and has more than 40000 employees.

Whataburger operates 24 hours and provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner services. Their menu includes amazing food items such as biscuit sandwich, egg sandwich, biscuit, cinnamon roll, pancakes, breakfast on a bun, taquito with cheese, breakfast on a bun meal, taquito, pancake platter, pancake platter meal, breakfast platter, breakfast platter meal, honey butter chicken biscuit, honey butter chicken meal, biscuit and gravy, biscuit and gravy meal, jalapeno cheddar biscuit sandwich, and jalapeno cheddar biscuit sandwich meal.

Operation of Whataburger’s Holiday Hours or Whataburger’s Hours

It is always a good idea to go out to eat and not cook on holidays such as Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Newyears and Thanksgiving day, etc. Everyone is concerned about where to find yummy food. 

Don’t worry Whataburger is the best choice to go because it operates 24 hours on all days of the year except Christmas day and serves tasty food with an affordable range.

The company does not offer reduced working hours during holidays.

Here are all the details about Whataburger holiday hours, Whataburger hours, and opening and closing hours.

HolidayDateOpen or close
New Year’s DayJan 1Open
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayJan 17Open
Valentine’s DayFeb 14Open
Presidents DayFeb 21Open
Mardi Fat TuesdayMarch 1Open
St. Patrick’s DayMarch 17Open
Good FridayApril 15Open
Easter SundayApril 17Open
Easter MondayApril 18Open
Cinco de Mayo   May 5Open
Memorial DayMay 31Open
Independence Day (4th of July)July 4Open
Columbus DayOct 10Open
Veterans DayNov 11Open
Thanksgiving dayNov 24Open
Black FridayNov 25Open
Christmas EveDec 24       Open
Day after Christmas DayDec 26       Open
New Year’s Eve  Dec 31       Open

When Whataburger closed?

As part of the company’s commitment to providing its employees with a holiday day off, Whataburger’s branches will be closed completely on Christmas Day.

  • Christmas Day (CLOSED)

Usually, Whataburger’s Hours for operation:

You can enjoy a delicious meal at Whataburger on regular days. Before you visit, you want to know Whataburger’s Hours. There is no need to worry. In general, Whataburger is open 24 hours during regular days.

A certain location’s operating hours may vary based on the local demand and supply of consumers or the hours of operations of other shops and malls in the area.

This table will help you to determine the Whataburger hour whenever you visit the nearest Whataburger restaurant.

Monday24 Hrs
Tuesday24 Hrs
Wednesday24 Hrs
Thursday24 Hrs
Friday24 Hrs


Weekends Operating Hours of  Whataburger’s (Saturday and Sunday)

There is something special about weekends in terms of people spending time with their families and friends and eating at a restaurant while having quality time together. They must be thinking Whataburger would be having different operating hours during weekends like other restaurants. Whataburger offers its customers service throughout the day, so they must answer no to that question. On weekends, Whataburger is a delightful spot where you can enjoy tasty fast food throughout the entire day.

This table will help you to determine the Whataburger hour on Saturday and  Sunday

Saturday24 Hrs
Sunday24 Hrs


Whataburger’s Locator

People who travel and need to find a local store in a new city or area. By using the company’s Whataburger locations to determine the accurate hours at a nearby branch, phone number, address, and Google Map. In the search box, enter your basic details such as location, state, city, and zip code so you can discover the closest area of the  Whataburger’s restaurant in your reach.


Which holiday Whataburger’s are closed?

On Christmas day Whataburger’s restaurants completely closed their doors to customers.

Is Whataburger open today?

Unless today is Christmas day Whataburger’s is open. You can order food at this time.

Is Whataburger open on New Year’s Day?

The restaurant will open on new year’s day, so that’s very good news for customers.

What time does Whataburger serve today?

There is no need to worry. Whataburger is open 24 hours during regular days.

Are Whataburger’s open on Christmas day?

No, On Christmas day Whataburger’s restaurants shut their doors to customers so that employees get breaks to spend time with family and friends.

Will Whataburger’s open on Thanksgiving Day?

Yes, It is true that Whataburger will be open on Thanksgiving Day, but their hours vary. So using the  Whataburger locations you get the accurate hour.

Are Whataburger’s open on Easter Sunday?

Whataburger’s restaurants shut their doors on Easter Sunday and open on Easter Monday at regular hours.

What is Whataburgers most popular item?

  • French Fries.
  • Chocolate Shake.
  • Whatachick’n Bites.
  • Onion Rings.
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich.
  • Double Meat Whataburger.
  • Vanilla Shake.

Does Whataburger sell Lunch all day?

Yes, Whataburger serves lunch and dinner throughout the day.

What time does Whataburger open on the weekend?

On weekends Whataburger operates 24 hours throughout the day, You can visit whenever you want as per your convenience.

Are Whataburger restaurants open on all holidays of the year?

No, Except Christmas day Whataburger is open on all the holidays of the year.

What do benefits Whataburger employees get

  • Medical.
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Weekly Pay
  • Hourly holiday bonus

What is Whataburger’s minimum wage?

Whataburger pays $12 per hour minimum wage for workers.

Do Whataburger employees receive any discounts?

Yes, Whataburger’s Employees get 50% off any purchase.

Does Whataburger pay weekly in 2021?

Yes. waterburger’s pays weekly to Employees.

Contact information of Whataburger’s

The following social media sites are linked:


In this article, You read all the information about waterburger’s holiday Hours, waterburger’s hours, and opening and closing hours. They have more than 824 restaurants in the united state of America.  It earns $2 billion in revenue. When you travel city to city and want to enjoy a delicious meal at Whataburger we recommend calling your nearby Whataburger restaurant directly to find accurate hours or using the Whataburger locations app.

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