Togos Holiday Hours

In this article, we will explore Togo’s holiday hours in more detail, providing customers with a comprehensive guide to the company’s holiday schedule.

Togo’s restaurant company is a popular sandwich chain that operates in several locations across the United States. As with many other businesses, Togo’s has specific holiday hours that can impact when customers can visit their local restaurant.

By understanding Togo’s holiday hours, customers can better plan their visits to the restaurant, whether they’re looking to grab a quick sandwich during a busy holiday shopping day or cater a party during the festive season.

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We’ll provide answers to common questions about Togo’s holiday hours, including which holidays the company is typically closed, whether they have limited hours on certain holidays, and how customers can confirm holiday hours for their local restaurant. So whether you’re a long-time Togo fan or just discovering the chain for the first time, read on to learn more about Togo’s holiday hours and plan your next visit accordingly.

About Togo’s

Togo’s is a restaurant chain that specializes in sandwiches, salads, and soups. The company was founded in 1968 by a young college student named Mike Cobler, who started the business in San Jose, California, with just a small loan from his mother. Cobler named the restaurant after his dog, Togo, who was a Siberian husky famous for leading a team of sled dogs across the Alaskan wilderness during a 1925 diphtheria epidemic.

In the early days, Togo’s was a small, family-owned business that operated out of a single location. However, the restaurant’s delicious sandwiches and commitment to using high-quality ingredients quickly made it popular among locals, and the company soon began to expand. By the mid-1970s, it had grown to include several locations throughout California, and in 1977, the company was acquired by a group of investors who saw the potential for further growth.

Under new ownership, Togo’s continued to expand throughout California and eventually into other states, such as Arizona and Oregon. The company’s menu also expanded to include a wide range of sandwiches, salads, and soups, all made with the same commitment to quality that had made it famous. Today, it has more than 200 locations across the United States and continues to be a popular destination for sandwich lovers. Despite its growth, however, Togo’s remains committed to its roots, offering delicious sandwiches made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, just as it did when it first opened its doors over 50 years ago.

Togo’s Holiday Hours 2023

Togo’s restaurant company observes several holidays throughout the year, which may affect its hours of operation. During holidays, it may have different opening and closing times than usual, or the company may close entirely. If you’re planning to visit during a holiday, it’s essential to be aware of the company’s holiday hours so that you can plan your visit accordingly.

The holidays that observes include both federal holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, as well as company-specific holidays, such as anniversaries. On federal holidays, locations may be closed entirely, or they may have limited hours of operation. On company-specific holidays, it may offer promotions or special menu items to celebrate the occasion.

To help you plan your visit during the holiday season, it’s a good idea to check the company’s website or call your local location to find out its holiday hours. You can also sign up for Togo’s email newsletter to receive updates on special promotions and holiday hours.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Togo’s sandwiches and salads, it’s important to be aware of the company’s holiday hours so that you can plan your visit accordingly. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick lunch or catering for a holiday party, knowing Togo’s holiday hours will help you make the most of your visit.

January 1New Year’s DayOpen
January 17Martin Luther King DayOpen
February 21President’s DayOpen
March 1Mardi GrasOpen
March 13Daylight SavingOpen
March 17st. Patrick DayOperate slightly differently
April 15Good FridayOpen
April 17Easter SundayClosed
May 30Memorial DayOpen
June 19Juneteenth DayOpen
July 4Independence DayOpen
August 19National Aviation DayOpen
September 5Labor DayOpen
October 10Columbus DayOpen
November 11Veteran’s DayOpen
November 23Day before ThanksgivingOpen
November 24Thanksgiving DayClosed
25 NovemberBlack FridayOpen
December 24Christmas EveningHours may vary
December 25Christmas DayClosed
December 31Day Before New YearOperate slightly differently

On which holidays Togo’s restaurant is closed?

Togo’s restaurant typically closes its locations on certain federal holidays, which are recognized by most businesses in the United States. These holidays include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

On these holidays, locations may be closed entirely or have limited hours of operation. However, it’s always best to check with your local location or the company’s website to confirm their specific togo’s holiday hours.

In addition to these federal holidays, restaurants may also close their locations or adjust their hours of operation for company-specific holidays or events. Customers can stay informed about these closures or changes by checking the website, signing up for their email newsletter, or following the company on social media.

Togo’s Customer Service:

Togo’s restaurant company takes pride in providing excellent customer service to its customers. The company’s commitment to customer service is evident in its friendly and knowledgeable staff, who are trained to provide a welcoming and helpful experience to every customer.

One way that it ensures excellent customer service is by offering a variety of options for ordering food. Customers can visit a location and order at the counter, use the company’s online ordering system or use third-party delivery services to have food delivered directly to their door.

In addition to offering multiple ordering options, restaurants also prioritize the quality of their food. The company uses only high-quality ingredients in its sandwiches, salads, and soups, and all menu items are made fresh to order. It also offers catering services for events, with a range of options to suit every occasion and budget.

Togo also values customer feedback and encourages customers to share their experiences with the company. The company has a customer feedback form on its website, and it also actively engages with customers on social media.

Overall, the restaurant is committed to providing excellent customer service to every customer. With a focus on quality ingredients, multiple ordering options, and a commitment to customer feedback, Togo’s strives to ensure that every customer has a positive and memorable experience when dining at one of its locations.

Togo’s Regular Hours

During regular business hours, Togo’s restaurants are open 11 hours a day. Locations vary in their opening and closing hours.

Monday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM9:00 PM

Togo’s Restaurant Product Offering:

Togo’s restaurant company is known for its delicious sandwiches, salads, and soups, made from high-quality ingredients and served fresh to order. The company offers a variety of menu items to suit different tastes and dietary preferences, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Togo’s sandwiches are the main attraction and are made with freshly baked bread, premium deli meats, and a variety of toppings and sauces. Customers can choose from classic sandwiches like the Turkey & Avocado or the Italian, or try one of Togo’s specialty sandwiches like the Pastrami Reuben or the BBQ Pulled Pork.

In addition to sandwiches, It also offers a range of salads, made with fresh vegetables and a variety of protein options, including chicken, turkey, and tuna. Customers can choose from signature salads like the Asian Chicken Salad or create their salad with their choice of toppings and dressings.

it also offers a selection of soups, including classics like Tomato Bisque and Clam Chowder, as well as rotating seasonal soups. Customers can enjoy a cup or bowl of soup on their own or pair it with a sandwich or salad.

For those with a sweet tooth, Togo’s offers freshly baked cookies in a variety of flavors, including chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.

Overall, the restaurant offers a variety of delicious and high-quality menu items, made fresh to order and tailored to different tastes and dietary preferences.

Togo’s locator

Togo’s restaurant company has locations throughout the United States, primarily in California. Customers can easily locate the nearest Togo location by visiting the company’s website and using the restaurant locator tool.

To use the locator, customers simply enter their zip code, city, or state, and the tool will display a list of nearby locations, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation. Customers can also use the interactive map feature to see the locations plotted on a map and get driving directions.

In addition to the website locator tool, customers can also use popular search engines like Google Maps or Yelp to find locations in their area. it also has a mobile app, which allows customers to order food online and find nearby locations, making it even more convenient to enjoy their delicious sandwiches, salads, and soups.


What type of cuisine does Togo’s restaurant company serve?

it is a sandwich shop that serves a variety of sandwiches, salads, and soups, made with high-quality ingredients and served fresh to order.

Does Togo offer catering services?

Yes, it offers catering services for events of all sizes, with a range of options to suit every budget and dietary preference.

Does Togo’s offer vegetarian or gluten-free options?

Yes, it offers a variety of vegetarian and gluten-free options, including sandwiches and salads made with vegetarian protein options and gluten-free bread.

Does Togo have a rewards program?

Yes, it has a rewards program called Togo’s Tribe, which allows customers to earn points for purchases and redeem them for discounts and free menu items.

Does Togo offer online ordering?

Yes, it offers online ordering through its website and mobile app, as well as through third-party delivery services.

What are Togo’s holiday hours?

Togo’s locations typically close on federal holidays, including New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. However, specific holiday hours may vary by location.

How can customers provide feedback to Togo’s restaurant company?

Customers can provide feedback to the company’s website feedback form, as well as through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Does Togo offer franchise opportunities?

Yes, it offers franchise opportunities for qualified individuals or groups looking to open a Togo location.

Is Togo’s open on Christmas Day?

No, Togo’s locations are typically closed on Christmas Day.

Is Togo’s open on Thanksgiving Day?

No, Togo’s locations are typically closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Is Togo’s open on New Year’s Day?

it locations may have limited hours on New Year’s Day, and some may be closed for the holiday.

Is Togo’s open on Memorial Day?

it locations may have limited hours on Memorial Day, and some may be closed for the holiday.

Is Togo’s open on Independence Day?

it locations may have limited hours on Independence Day, and some may be closed for the holiday.

Is Togo’s open on Labor Day?

it locations may have limited hours on Labor Day, and some may be closed for the holiday.

Is Togo’s open on Easter Sunday?

it locations may have limited hours on Easter Sunday, and some may be closed for the holiday.

Is Togo’s open on other holidays?

it locations may have limited hours or be closed on other holidays, depending on the location and local policies. Customers can check with their local Togo restaurant or consult the company’s website for more information.


Togo’s holiday hours are an important consideration for customers looking to visit the restaurant during the festive season. By understanding the company’s holiday schedule, customers can better plan their visits and ensure they can enjoy their favorite sandwiches and sides. Whether you’re a regular customer or a first-time visitor, it’s always a good idea to check the company’s holiday hours to avoid any unexpected closures or limited hours.

Togo’s restaurant company strives to provide excellent customer service and high-quality food all year round, including during the holidays. By providing clear information about their holiday hours, the company is helping customers make informed decisions about when to visit and ensuring that they can enjoy their Togo’s experience to the fullest. So next time you’re in the mood for a delicious sandwich, be sure to check Togo’s holiday hours and plan your visit accordingly.

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